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    Jeff Rossen has been the National Investigative Correspondent at NBC News for the past decade.

    As the creator and host of NBC’s “Rossen Reports” franchise, Rossen has gained the trust and respect of millions of Americans.

    Rossen has spent 23 years in journalism, mastering visual storytelling at NBC, ABC and FOX. His recent book, “Rossen to the Rescue” is an Amazon best-seller. Rossen is a business-minded storyteller with a unique talent for translating complex narratives into transformative stories for brands.

    As an executive, he has spent years analyzing data, ratings and consumer habits — what stories resonate and how to tell them. Research shows consumers turn to Jeff Rossen for product purchasing decisions. Brands have increased revenue by millions of dollars because Rossen told their stories in creative and compelling ways. Now, “Rossen Reports” can work for you — elevating your brand to the next level; topical, viral and in the news cycle. Jeff Rossen and his team are zeitgeist animals — experts at closely monitoring news cycles and trends. We angle your brand into the national conversation. We launch experiments and show the audience your product/brand in action. Original content that drives sales!