Jon Harris

Chief Communications Officer | Conagra Brands

“During my near three decades in communications, I’ve had the pleasure to meet people who I grew to treasure for both their professionalism and personality. Jeff Rossen is one of those people. Beyond being a top-notch tenured journalist and consumer advocate, Jeff is a tremendous communications professional with unparalleled instincts. Smart, strategic, passionate, experienced, well respected and well networked, Jeff elevates any team he works with and someone whom I consider “a key ingredient” when successfully crafting and delivering a narrative for a company, cause, individual or campaign. His work and results are exceptional.”

Yankel Polak

Head Chef | Butcher Box

"It was exactly what I was looking for, exactly what I needed, taught the way I needed it taught and at exactly the right time. How rare is that? Totally awesome. You're a terrific coach, I'm taking lessons from your teaching methods as well!"